Packeteer breaks barrier

Packeteer breaks barrier

Packeteer says it has broken through the gigabyte barrier with the just released PacketShaper 10000 Series hardware for its range of WAN appliances.

The new PacketShaper 10000 Series black box scales to 1Gbps management while continuing to maintain full Layer 7 performance.

Layer 7 is a classification engine that identifies applications by individual signature, allowing Packeteer software to recognise applications and prioritise traffic.

This means that high level traffic can be guaranteed to perform at a set level.

PacketShaper 10000 can forward traffic at gigabit rates, manage quality of service (QoS) for thousands of classes of traffic and collect over 100 performance metrics for each class.

Customers that have high capacity WAN links, such as broadband ISPs, universities and government departments could benefit from the new hardware according to Packeteer.

Prior to the 1Gbps breakthrough, Layer 7devices have had to run at lower connection speeds due to the high processing demands.

Packeteer territory manager Peter Owen says the product is unique within the application traffic management market.

“There’s been a pent up demand within the industry for this device. The more bandwidth you have doesn't necessarily mean less pain, that’s where we aim to step in and help.”

In a simultaneous release the company also launched its Packeteer 7.0 software.

The PacketShaper10000 Series supports Packeteer 7.0 which includes automated classification of hundreds of applications, real-time application, QoS and bandwidth policy controls and flexible reporting options.

Owen says the Packeteer 7.0 increases functionality and extends the level of what can be reported.

“It’s been an amazing process. We’ve concentrated on quality assurance and invested a lot in that area.”

The Packeteer 7.0 features adaptive response, which enables Packeteer appliances to automatically adapt to changes in the network with increased real time flexibility.

Packeteer sell all products through the channel and LAN Systems is the only New Zealand reseller.

“Even in the US we don’t do direct deals. The indirect model provides a lot of value and helps keep costs containable. The direct model is more risky,” says Owen.

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