Oracle and Dell’s seven year hitch reaches NZ

Oracle and Dell’s seven year hitch reaches NZ

ORACLE New Zealand and Dell Computer have formed an alliance to sell enterprise applications on low-cost server configurations running Linux.

The companies say this combination of technologies allows them to deliver software at a lower cost than on proprietary systems while improving performance and reliability.

According to Oracle New Zealand’s country manager Robert Gosling, the two companies have been working together internationally since 1997 and now have more than 22,000 joint deployments worldwide.

Derek Leitch, Dell’s country manager, says it has taken until now to bring the local operations together because the necessary infrastructure has only recently been put in place. “The Australian companies formed a similar alliance nine months ago, but we’ve been busy dealing with 56% year-on-year growth.”

He says that Dell now has an 18.1% share of the market for servers and PCs in New Zealand. Linux is central to the alliance. Gosling says, “Most of our customers in New Zealand have an interest in Linux.” He says that just as there was a debate in the corridors about the switch from proprietary minicomputer operating systems to UNIX during the 1980s, there is now similar debate concerning Linux.

Oracle now has 11 corporate Linux customers in New Zealand and Gosling says, “Last year all but one of our application sales were on Linux. When Southern Cross moved they reduced their operational budget by 30%.”

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