Globility’s little node makes big savings

Globility’s little node makes big savings

INCREASED productivity and savings on mobile data - that’s what Globility promises as it launches an optimising node.

Mobile integration specialist Globility has been selling directly to corporate customers and now wants to develop an SME market for its Electronic Optimising Node, EON, through the reseller channel.

Business development director Tim Hayward says the appliance is easily installed into the customer’s LAN and client software loaded onto a laptop. When the user logs on to the LAN the client software and EON establish an optimisation tunnel.

EON enables controlled internet access through the company server. All traffic — whether email, intranet or internet - goes back through the company LAN, complying with any web access policies or content filters in place.

Hayward says users will see increased productivity and direct cost savings on mobile data. Web pages can be compressed by up to 70% and around 80% on email data.

“Light users may take up to one year to realise their investment while heavy users will see the benefit in a much shorter time. The savings on overseas GPRS roaming are huge. Vodafone charge $30 per megabyte so you can imagine the savings when compression is applied to data,” he says.

Hayward says it works best over narrowband networks such as GPRS, CDMA 1X and dial-up. Where ADSL, wi-fi/WLAN and G3 are not running at high speed the EON will start up and automatically switch off when high bandwidth is available.

“With EON we aim to improve business email applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, which are often unusable over slow networks,” says Hayward.

The EON runs on AcceleNet software, developed by US-based Intelligent Compression Technologies and leased by Globility. The largest US user of AcceleNet is Microsoft Networks with seven million dial-up users.

Hayward says Globility is offering attractive reseller margins.

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