Distie wanted for new wireless product

Distie wanted for new wireless product

AN AUSTRALIAN firm is looking for resellers for a product that it says succeeds where PDAs have failed: digitising data from paper-based forms and feeding it directly into back-end systems.

Destiny Wireless wants to appoint local dealers for its digital pens that scan data as it is written in ink on paper forms using digital imaging technology.

The data is sent from the pen through a BlueTooth connection to a mobile phone, which transmits it via GPRS to the Destiny Wireless server where the hand-written data is converted into text and sent to the customer’s system.

Destiny Wireless CEO Andrew Bissex says the products deliver what other handheld devices — such as PDAs — have failed to do, as customers can continue to use the same paper-based forms they are used to but still transfer the data electronically back to the office.

The pens present resellers with a double revenue stream opportunity as they can make a margin off the sale of the pens and receive a rebate on the monthly subscription fee Destiny Wireless charges customers for use of the service, Bissex adds.

“This is a way for resellers to generate ongoing income,” he says.

However, Bissex says experience in the UK and Australia has shown that the products are better suited as an additional income earner than a core business.

“Making a living reselling just the pens would be tough, but for people that are already selling something else it can be a great cherry on top.”

Bissex expects that resellers could win deals by just using the pens in the field while talking to customers about other products.

“If they visit customers to sell something else and scribble with the digital pens, they could walk away with an order for the pens — that is like a free sale.”

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