Alienware invades

Alienware invades

Alienware Systems, the uber-hip builders of gaming and professional systems, plans to service N ew Zealand from its new Adelaide office.

Customers, whether hardcore gamers or home users, are now able to order a customised Alienware system through the company's website, at prices ranging between $2,000 and $7,000.

Alienware PacRim director of marketing Dak Hartsock says the philosophy is to produce built-to-order systems with cutting edge, non-proprietary components that ensure high-performance machines — and the coolest casings on the planet.

“We think that we will be very well received by consumers and businesses that are traditionally pigeonholed into the limited option of a standard PC or an Apple machine,” he says.

New Zealand PC World managing editor Chris Keall says PC manufacturers who cater for the power gamers enjoy fat margins despite it being a niche market.

“Power gamers will still happily buy a $3,500 to $5,000 PC, as long as it’s tricked out with all the graphics grunt for Doom 3, and sports frills like a boy-racer case and water cooling,” he says.

Keall adds that Alienware has been one of the savviest players in this market.

Alienware plans to partner with selected retailers for customers preferring traditional transactions.

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