Jansen lands with BenQ

Jansen lands with BenQ

BENQ, one of the world’s fas-test growing technology brands, has landed in New Zealand with formerTech Pacific consumer division manager Rick Jansen at the helm.

Jansen describes his appointment at BenQ (pronounced Ben queue) as New Zealand country manager as a fantastic opportunity.

“Tech Pac is the best company I’ve ever worked for but after six years it was time to move on. Re-cognition of BenQ products here is minimal and the chance to start the brand off from nothing is really exciting,” he says.

Jansen says BenQ Australia hasn’t focused on New Zealand, but that is changing with his appointment and allocation of resources for marke-

ting. “I know our products will stand up against Sony’s and Phillips’s and we’ve got a level of funkiness about us that others don’t.”

The BenQ brand came from an Acer spin-off in 2001 to become a top brand, and while prominent in consumer electronics is an OEM manufacturer for brands, including Nokia.

“Getting our products in front of people is the goal. I think we take the customer for granted and we really need to hear what they want,” says Jansen.

His ambition is to make BenQ one of the top respected brands in this country through consistent advertising and the introduction of a specific product line for New Zealand.

New Zealand PC World managing editor Chris Keall believes there’s still scope for a new contender to reach the stature of Sony or Phillips, but as a young brand BenQ hasn’t reached that point yet.

“In terms of a New Zealand country manager, you can’t beat bodies on the ground. Someone with a local office will beat a Sydney airpoints jockey every time,” he says.

The BenQ line includes LCD monitors and TVs, projectors, notebooks and MP3 players with a plan to introduce mobile phones by the end of the year.

Jansen says there will be two sales channels operating here but doesn’t anticipate any conflict.

A direct retail model will have its own range of monitors and MP3 players and will be sold through Harvey Norman while the IT channel will go through Tech Pac.

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