Synergy takes on Java tool

Synergy takes on Java tool

Wellington-based software services company Synergy has taken on the exclusive distribution rights for Agitar, a Java testing tool from Agitar Software and Management Dashboard, its testing management counterpart.

Synergy also has reseller rights for Agitar Software’s products in the UK and Ireland.

Chris Galloway, Agitar Software’s Sydney-based sales manager for Australia and New Zealand, says he approached Synergy because he knew the company and its capability.

“I used to live in New Zealand and worked for a well-known software vendor. During that time I got to know Synergy and thought it would be a good fit for Agitar,” he says.

Garth Hamilton, Synergy’s general manager of global development, says the target market for the tool will be his own company and its competitors in the Java development community. “It’s particularly suitable for those operating at the high end where there are mature processes and unit testing,” he says.

Hamilton describes Agitar as an automated unit testing tool. He says it reduces development time and helps developers become more efficient.

Studies performed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology found that 80% of development costs can be swallowed by identifying and correcting defects.

Agitar works by scanning Java source files and performing data flow analysis. It then acts as a developer’s intelligent assistant by helping to automatically formulate testable assertions on the code.

“We’ve done a return on investment analysis and found that the average payback period for most investors is in the range of three to six months, however for some developers it is a lot faster,” says Hamilton.

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