Local software tackles global OOS problem

Local software tackles global OOS problem

A CHRISTCHURCH-based company is taking the health and safety world by storm with a product designed to help prevent OOS - occupational overuse syndrome.

Niche Software has sold over one million licences for the product so far, but mana-ging director Dr Kevin Taylor says there’s still another 100m licences to sell.

“There’s still huge potential for this. We have licences in over 37 countries now with the majority of sales going through resellers,” he says.

WorkPace is a breaks and exercise tool that provides integrated health and safety for computer users by using exercise remin-ders, ergonomic training and monitoring of discomfort levels for the individual.

It also provides management and reporting tools as well as statistics on computer use for the implementation of organisation-wide health and safety policies.

New Zealand clients span from corporate to government and include PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Shell, Philips and Inland Revenue.

Taylor says between 25,000 and 35,000 licences have been sold in New Zealand, but admits the company hasn’t focused on the local market.

“It’s quite a small market compared to overseas. The cost of going after the big companies here isn’t worth it - not compared to going after a medium-sized company in the US.” Instead, Niche Software is now focusing on breaking into Scandinavia, the UK and the US.

“At the moment we’re selling direct to the US from here because cost-wise it’s cheaper than setting up a US office. Long-term we’re looking into establishing a US office; the advice we’ve had is that Americans like to have local sales people,” says Taylor.

He says WorkPace has an 80% share of the global market for health and safety software tools and wants to keep it that way.

“It sounds good, but remember that this isn’t a $10 billion market - it’s still rather small. There is the potential for these products to become as essential as antivirus software, with every company knowing they are vital to running the business.”

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