Optimisation key to StorageTek service

Optimisation key to StorageTek service

IN order to help its customers better understand their needs, StorageTek has introduced a service programme.

Carried out by resellers, the Storage Appraisal service is an onsite storage infrastructure appraisal to help customers understand their resources and usage patterns.

Philip Belcher, StorageTek managing director Australia New Zealand, says the programme will help customers classify information for better management and allow StorageTek to improve their storage productivity.

He says the appraisal allows customers to optimise the storage of data based on its value to the business and reduce the total cost of storage.

StorageTek commercial sales manager Australia New Zealand Sam Srinivasan says the service, beginning in April, will be offered through selected partners.

“Our partners will be able to sell this service for a fixed fee. In some cases this will lead to further business but not necessarily. The idea is to give customers an analysis of their storage,” he says.

Information is gathered using advanced data collection tools along with interviews with key staff members and is later presented to the company with conclusions and recommendations.

StorageTek says this will help with the allocation of IT budgets as storage infrastructure decisions can be based on real data — using facts rather than assumptions.

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