Lan1 hooks Barracuda

Lan1 hooks Barracuda

IN the spam-fighting stakes Lan1 says it has reeled in a big one — Barracuda Networks.

The company has been signed as the first local distributor for Barracuda’s range of spam firewall appliances, which is used by the likes of Nasa, Pixar and IBM.

Liam Venter, Lan1 general manager, says the product has elicited the most enthusiastic response from resellers he has seen in over a decade.

“I have never had such rapturous response from people before,” he says.

This is due to the range being technically superb, but easy to install and manage and one of the most affordable antispam offerings on the market, says Venter.

“Unlike many other products, Barracuda does not have ongoing licensing fees for each user,” he adds.

And the boxes require minimal training to install, which removes involvement of engineers in the sales cycle.

“Engineers won’t like this product because they won’t get to play with it. Installation does not require an engineering cycle, so resellers can easily let customers trial a unit,” says Venter.

While Barracuda advertises that the appliances can be installed in five minutes, Venter says 30 minutes is a safer bet, especially on the first few attempts.

The Barracuda range also stands out for its ten configurable scan filters, including two that sniff out email viruses and its reporting capabilities, says Venter.

Venter believes the product will find a footing in New Zealand, because unlike many other countries users are charged for both bandwidth and for a set amount of data that can be downloaded.

“It prevents spam from chewing up bandwidth,” he says, adding between 50% and 80% of the email Lan1 receives each month is spam.

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