DataCloud takes storage to lofty heights

DataCloud takes storage to lofty heights

ROGER Cockayne believes he has a cunning plan to get the local economy running smoothly.

The executive director of Hosting and Data Services (HdS) believes the time is right to launch a group network for data management.

“From a data perspective it’s important that things are in the right place, that the right people can get to them and you can always take them back to where they need to go,” he says.

Cockayne’s idea is to have individual networks which can be operated by the likes of Telecom, TelstraClear or Vodafone, that customers sign up to.

Underneath those networks sit individual data centres where customers can store data and retrieve it at their choosing.

HdS will use CommVault’s Galaxy software suite for backup, restore and recovery.

“This has been waiting to be done since 1986 but it hasn’t been possible because the technology hasn’t been around. However the business need has been there ever since people started storing data digitally.”

Cockayne says that in the last three years the number of business rules has increased phenomenally and, the more precise the rules become, the more they lend themselves to being converted into storage management rules.

“Storage managers are just glorified libra-rians; they’ve got tidy minds and want to put things in the right place. From a computing perspective once you do that life becomes extremely easy.”

He says DataCloud will be neutral and anyone who runs a data centre can play.

“You can’t afford to do this in little slices. We want to bring a variety of people into what is a national game that will transform New Zealand business with HdS supplying all disk and management storage experience.”

Cockayne believes it will take two to three years to get DataCloud established and is already in talks with a number of potential partners including Telecom and TelstraClear.

“There are only two challenges. HdS has to slicken up its delivery and then promote the confidence factor in the market.”

Customers have two levels of service to choose from. They can opt to continue as a standalone and send data to HdS at day-end or they can choose the cheaper utility option.

Cockayne thinks HdS is the best company to bring the idea to market, given its expe-rience in the market and solid reputation.

“We’ve been in business since 1989 and there’s never been any data lost - no one else can say that. HdS has an excellent reputation for storage but is crap at marketing itself. We’re the boring bastards in the background who are bringing knowledge rather than brand to the table.”

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