Executive Software adds support to local resellers

Executive Software adds support to local resellers

AFTER years of being focused on its home market in the US, Executive Software is now turning its sights on other territories.

The company recently created the role of international sales director for Gerald Toumayan, who is now responsible for flying the firm’s flag in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American markets.

Toumayan, who is based in Burbank, California, was in New Zealand last month doing exactly that and expects to visit these shores every six to eight months.

During his visit he and long-standing distributor Soft Solutions met local resellers and customers.

Toumayan says the company is committing more resources to marketing its wares in New Zealand, even though it has been represented well here by Soft Solutions.

“We want to increase our visibility here, as we have not had regular contact with the local market,” he says.

“In the US we are absolutely behind our resellers and I want to make sure the same happens on this end.”

According to Toumayan, Executive Software is working with Soft Solutions in overhauling its reseller website to provide more content to support sales of the company’s products. This includes access to marketing materials, price lists and white papers, which Soft Solutions can obtain from a special FTP (file transfer protocol) site set up by Executive Software.

“We are working on making Executive Software more friendly for resellers to deal with,” says Toumayan.

While in New Zealand, Toumayan also launched the latest version of Executive Software’s flagship product, Diskeeper 9 - a disk defragmenter for Windows.

Toumayan says Diskeeper 9 is the leading automatic defragmentation tool in the world and outperforms the defragmenter built into Windows as it can be set to run automatically, is faster and can be administered centrally across the network.

Fragmented disk drives result in machines running slower, which drains productivity, while managing defragmentation manually on individual machines on a network consumes expensive staff hours for IT administrators, says Toumayan.

Proper defragmentation of files increases the speed, performance and lifespan of a hard drive, improves worker productivity and reduces virus scanning and backup time, he says.

“It makes the jobs of IT service staff easier and faster and allows them to accomplish more, with less resources,” says Toumayan.

Diskeeper 9 is available in modules for workstations, servers or administrators.

Executive Software’s two other main products are Undelete and Sitekeeper.

Undelete manages all deleted files across the network, and Sitekeeper is a network management tool.

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