Symantec’s Norton safeguards Tiger and Symbian

Symantec’s Norton safeguards Tiger and Symbian

THE latest version of Symantec’s Norton antivirus offering for Macintosh computers is fully compatible with Tiger, Apple’s new version of Mac OS X. The vendor has also released its latest security offering for the Symbian mobile device operating system.

According to Symantec, Norton AntiVirus 10.0 for Macintosh offers core protection features such as automatic detection of viruses, worms and Trojan horse threats, as well as Auto-Protect functionality, which provides email scanning and monitoring of files and applications.

It also includes a new Global Threat Assessment dashboard, which Symantec says provides users with an overview of current virus threats, allowing them to quickly and efficiently monitor their Macs’ security.

This new feature leverages Tiger’s dashboard functionality to offer users a report and assessment of the three most recent and the three most critical virus threats, Symantec claims.

The software also includes a Contextual Menu feature that lets users scan files and directories manually without having to launch the Norton AntiVirus application.

A custom SafeZones feature, designed for power users, gives users an added level of convenience and works to optimise system performance, says Symantec.

Users can specify whether or not particular areas of their drive or specific volumes or files are routinely scanned for threats, avoiding time-consuming scans of the entire hard drive. Norton AntiVirus 10.0 for Macin-tosh is available now and runs on both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

Meanwhile, Symantec says Mobile Security 4.0 for Symbian is the only mobile device security offering that provides integrated antivirus and firewall technologies.

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