Bringing VoIP to the SME masses

Bringing VoIP to the SME masses

NORTEL says it’s bringing affordable VoIP technology to New Zealand’s small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

The Business Communication Manager (BCM) 50 uses IP-based communications to integrate voice and data and has a built-in DSL modem, router and firewall.

Rob Spray, managing director Nortel NZ, says the company’s BCM 50 is the first pro-duct designed for the type of SME customers in the region. “In North America the definition of what makes an SME is completely different to New Zealand. I’d say anything between four and 20 phones fit into that,” he says. BCM 50 will be marketed and sold through Onesource and Telecom NZ and Spray says between the two companies thousands of organisations can be addressed.

“I’ve gone for a small number of channels with a high level of coverage which costs us less.” Spray says his preference is to stick with the two large resellers because he simply doesn’t have the resources to offer support to small resellers.

“Telecom and Onesource do a high volume and I get a lot for my support; I’m just not scaled to support a reseller that might only sell three products.”

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