Making Ghost clones less complicated

Making Ghost clones less complicated

CLONING images on dissimilar hardware can create problems but a solution has come from the same company that delivered Ghost to the world.

When New Zealand’s Binary Research sold its imaging product, Ghost, to Symantec, it built a value-add business around training workshops and continued to resell the product from a US base.

As an offshoot of these workshops the company uncovered a hole in the cloning environment and discovered a Universal Imaging Utility (UIU).

Jim Szopinski, vice president Binary Research, describes UIU as complementary to Ghost. “Basically, UIU prepares a machine to be Ghosted by removing all direct hardware references, to create a clean machine. It allows one master image that companies can update,” he says. New Zealand Symantec staff met with Szopinski last year and wanted to bundle UIU with Ghost, but he says that wouldn’t have worked.

“We backed away from that one. Users don’t know they need UIU until they see the shortcomings of Ghost so there’s no point in bundling.”

Szopinski says UIU is huge in the US, especially in government departments that contain up to 10,000 seats at a crack.

“At the moment we’re going bonkers with the demand in the US, which means we haven’t been able to concentrate on other parts of the world.” Despite that, he says local distributor Soft Solutions is doing a great job of running up the flagpole.

Paul Leslie, business development mana-ger, says there is plenty of interest in the product. “I’ve had a good number of resellers trial it, recognise its value and have it under consideration.”

He says the major stumbling block is that Ghost is too expensive, but hopes that another of his vendors can supply him with a cheaper imaging tool in the near future.

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