Computerland brand uncertain

Computerland brand uncertain

TELECOM is not yet revealing its plans with the Computerland brand as it continues to integrate the company with Gen-i.

A number of key staff members have already been appointed to ser-

vice a combined Gen-i, Computerland and Telecom Advanced Solutions (TAS), with more expected to be announced soon.

Key appointments to date include Chris Quin as general manager, John Bessey as head of sales and Alison Burton as head of procurement. Damien Toman is believed to be the new group’s chief technical officer, but this has not yet been confirmed.

In April Telecom chief information officer Mark Ratcliffe told Reseller News Computerland was being rolled into an already merged TAS and Gen-i, but that decisions on branding were yet to be made.

In the meantime, Computerland has steadily been integrated with Gen-i, but news on the future of the Computerland name has been scant.

This has given rise to mounting speculation in the industry over the future of the Computerland brand, and Gen-i has made no further statements on the matter.

Some sources believe the Computerland name will remain in the regions covered by the nine Computerland franchises, with Computerland offices being swallowed into the Gen-i branches in the main centres.

Others believe the Computerland name will disappear completely.

Not even Computerland franchise owners have been told when a decision is due.

However, they are largely unconcerned over which option is chosen, says Allister Macgregor, chief executive of Computerland Southland, Bay of Plenty and Hawke’s Bay.

“We are keen, of course, to see what they decide but either way is good for us. The franchises business is relationship driven not brand driven,” he says.

“The value in the brand lies in the people and the fact we have local autonomy backed by a major national IT organisation. Neither of those things change either way.”

Telecom bought Gen-i a year ago for $62.5 million, followed by Computerland last August for $26 million.

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