Philips shows off its shiny new toys

Philips shows off its shiny new toys

A DIGITAL photo frame and an LCD monitor that doubles as a TV and sound system are two new products which Philips says demonstrate why displays are an exciting market.

Singapore-based Robert Kobes, regional displays business manager for Philips, gave Reseller News a preview of the new offerings during a visit to New Zealand last week.

With its Digital Photo Display, Philips has turned the everyday photo frame into a high-tech gadget.

Images can be loaded onto the device through an onboard memory card reader or through a USB cable from a PC or camera.

Images are displayed on a 6.5-inch high-definition colour LCD screen either as stills or a slideshow.

The unit can hold between 50 and 80 images, but can also display photographs directly from a memory card inserted into the slot.

While Kobes acknowledges that Philips did not invent the digital photo frame, he says it nailed it.

“This is the first high-resolution digital display. We have also kept it simple to use,” he says, referring to a previous offering from Nokia, which required images to be transmitted through a mobile phone.

“The beauty of this product is that it is meant to be simple and sensible to use.”

Kobes says people with digital cameras find it difficult to display their images, especially if they are not IT savvy.

Aimed predominantly at the consumer market, the Digital Photo Display is also ideal for use in the retail environment, he says.

The unit is being launched in Asia at the end of this month and will hit our shores in September, with a price tag expected to hover around $399.

It will be available through both the consumer and IT channels.

Kobes’s second toy is the 190G6FB 19-inch multimedia display, which is aimed at gamers, and combines PC monitor, TV and sound functionality.

It ships with a subwoofer and will give gamers a total immersive experience, says Kobes.

“Sound comes from the screen and the base unit,” he says.

“It is a new concept we are experimenting with. It is a personal entertainment device all in one.”

The 190G6FB is slated for release in Hong Kong at the end of September and in New Zealand in the fourth quarter. Pricing is yet to be announced.

These new products demonstrate the direction display technology is heading, says Kobes.

“We are experimenting with getting displays into areas where people have not thought of before,” he says.

“The use of displays is at its infancy. We can have a display on anything we interact with as the complexity of displays decrease and colour and functionality increase.”

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