Resellers sought to take on new spam concept

Resellers sought to take on new spam concept

AN AUSTRALIAN company with a fresh outlook on blocking spam is looking for a local representative.

Sydney’s New Millennium Solutions has developed a product that works on the premise of simply banning all emails from senders who are unknown to the recipient.

Senders need to be authorised by the inbox owner before their messages are let through.

New Millennium Solutions CEO Peter Stewart says while most antispam products evolved from antivirus offerings and merely filter unwanted mail into special folders, TotalBlock prevents spam traffic from entering the company’s network completely.

“With traditional products spam is quarantined, but there is no change to the volume of mail,” he says.

This model also requires a high level of maintenance from users and administrators, says Stewart.

“Users have to keep checking the spam folder to see if there are no good messages in there and IT staff spend too much time tinkering around to decide what will be let in and what won’t,” he says.

With TotalBlock an automated reply is sent to all senders who are not on the user’s allowed list. The message contains a link that when hit, automatically adds the sender to the allowed list.

Stewart says since the process to become authorised requires human intervention it bypasses drone machines that spew out spam. “If people have a legitimate reason to send you email, they will not mind going through a once-off process to be authorised,” he says.

All address book entries are authorised automatically, as are any senders who reply to mail sent by the user.

TotalBlock was launched in Australia in February 2004 and the company already has distributors in the US and the Philippines.

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