Go Direct still owes us money: reseller

Go Direct still owes us money: reseller

A DUNEDIN reseller is disputing claims that Christchurch distributor Go Direct closed in an orderly fashion after settling all its debts.

In an article in the last issue of Reseller News former Go Direct boss Mark Slattery stated that all debts were cleared, upon the closure of the distribution company.

But Golden Leaf International says Go Direct still owes it money that a court ordered it to pay in February.

“All their debts were definitely not paid,” says Golden Leaf sales manager David Hurring.

Golden Leaf took Go Direct to the Dunedin Disputes Tribunal to resolve a long-standing wrangle over a shipment of faulty Daewoo monitors supplied by Go Direct.

The matter was settled in Golden Leaf’s favour in February and Go Direct was ordered to pay a sum in damages.

It never made the payment, despite being ordered to do so again at a second hearing in May, which was the last time Golden Leaf heard from Go Direct, says Hurring.

“We have not heard anything more from Go Direct or Mark Slattery since. The money ordered by the courts still remains unpaid,” he says.

Hurring says Golden Leaf sold a large number of the Daewoo monitors supplied by Go Direct under the three-year warranty the distributor offered.

It has already had trouble with some of the machines and is now left holding the can on the monitors it sold, he says.

“It has already cost us several hundred dollars replacing faulty monitors and is likely to continue to cost us a lot of money over the 18 months still to run on the warranty,” says Hurring.

Golden Leaf was not informed about what was going to happen with ongoing warranty support for the monitors, he says.

Although Tisco in Christchurch inherited Go Direct’s spare parts for the monitors and is supplying these at no charge, Golden Leaf still has to cover the labour costs of fixing faulty machines, Hurring says.

Slattery relocated to Shenzhen in China after the closure of Go Direct.

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