Westan shows its sensitive side

Westan shows its sensitive side

WHITEBOARD presentations will never be the same, if what the folks at Westan say is true.

The recently opened distributor is bringing a product to New Zealand with which it has had good success in its native Australia.

The Egan Team Board may look like an ordinary whiteboard, but it’s actually touch sensitive and interactive.

Connected to a PC, its touch-sensitive capabilities enable users to interact with the screen image from the PC projected onto the board.

The board operates in two presentation modes. In the electronic whiteboard mode it can be used like a normal whiteboard. Anything written on the board with a standard whiteboard marker is captured by the Egan software on the PC, allowing presentations to be saved and then printed or emailed to all attendees.

The interactive touchscreen mode allows presentations in any application to be controlled from the board. By tapping the whiteboard, a user can launch applications, create presentations and surf the internet, enabling them to share their work with an audience without being hidden behind a machine. The accompany-

ing software also allows a presenter to take snapshots of documents displayed on the board. Remarks or notes can be added to the snapshot image and saved on the PC.

Jessica Tarry, business development manager at Westan, says due to its interactive nature the Team Board outperforms standard electronic whiteboards and breathes life into presentations and meetings. “It makes presentations more exciting,” she says.

Tarry says in Australia Westan has enjoyed success with the Team Board in both corporate and education sectors.

Westan is selling the Team Board bundled with a Benq projector. The package boasts an attractive margin, says Tarry. “Resellers are always looking for a point of difference and the Team Board offers that,” she says.

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