Overwhelming response to CSV issue

Overwhelming response to CSV issue

ARE resellers lazy when it comes to reformatting price lists to put on their websites?

The answer, according to some, is a resounding yes.

Reaction to the ChannelBeat story on reseller frustration over poor product material delivery from distributors has been strong and Reseller News has been inundated with feedback from the channel.

Allan Maclean, managing director Maclean Computing, believes the day distributors provide a consistent format which resellers can simply reprint will be the day they don’t need resellers at all.

“In my view reprinting a price list offers nothing in the way of added value for the client and with prices falling as consistently as they have done there is little hope for the future of this business model,” he says.

Yet Aaron Singline of Arrow Computers, who initially contacted Reseller News with the complaint, says all distributors would do well to remember that the ability to get good product information in front of a consumer is the main focus.

“The more time resellers have to spend munging the data they receive, the less time they have to sell products,” he says.

• Turn to page 8 to read the full story as resellers and distributors face off over the CSV issue.

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