Apple launches iPod 101 site

Apple launches iPod 101 site

The iPod has meant big business for Apple - US$1.2 billion in revenue in the last quarter alone. And the company clearly intends to keep its flagship music player in the public eye, launching a new online guide and support site aimed at iPod owners.

The site, iPod 101, is aimed at introducing new customers to the popular handheld device while helping existing owners max out their iPod. The site walks users through all types of iPods as well as the accompanying iTunes software.

The site has numerous guides, including an overview of the iPod's hardware and software, the iTunes Music Store, photo and video management, in-depth looks at some of the iPod's other features such as calendaring and notes, and a troubleshooting guide.

The iPod has gained increasing importance to Apple's bottom line, accounting for nearly a third of the company's quarterly revenue.

Analysts have cited the iPod for creating a "halo" effect for Apple, with sales of the music device spurring consumers to buy other Apple products, including Macs. Earlier this year, Apple jumped into fourth place in market share among PC vendors, with analysts crediting strong iPod sales for much of Apple's gains.

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