Penguin not taking flight down under

Penguin not taking flight down under

Adoption of open source software is slow in the Australasian region according to a report from analyst firm Forrester.

Only 18% of the businesses in Australia and New Zealand surveyed for the report were using Linux, while 11% were considering its use.

Analyst Sam Higgins says the low rate – three times lower than North America - is because open source is caught between two worlds.

He says customers have been conditioned to buy software from vendors and their approved partners.

“It comes down to confusion born from being drip-fed that model for so long and the networked world of open source. That’s not helped by vendors that shrink-wrap open source software, it just keeps people addicted to the model that takes away all the risk,” he says.

The report shows that 50% of organisations using open source software are paying for support and cite that as one of the main challenges for implementation.

Higgins says some software developers use open source as a professional services Trojan horse.

For a change to happen, says Higgins, the market has to move to a duopoly of traditional and open source models, contribute to the open source ecosystem and establish policies beyond procurement.

“Forrester sees a big obsession with procurement policy. Many organisations don’t have a policy after software has been downloaded," he says.

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