Art tool makes promising debut

Art tool makes promising debut

Ambient Design has released version 2.0 of its wildly popular paint graphics tool ArtRage.

While ArtRage 1.0 was a free download, Ambient is charging US$19.95 for the full ArtRage 2.0 tool.

A free version is still available, with some of the new features of version 2.0.

In the first eleven days the free tool was downloaded by over 24,000 people and over 650 paid the US$19.95 for the full version.

Andy Beardsley, technical director, says it was a tough decision to charge for the product.

“I was extremely concerned we’d get negative feedback about the charges but the response has been really supportive. Within 15 minutes of its release we’d made the first sale so I think the pricing is spot on,” he says

The money will allow the four-person team of developers to fully concentrate on ArtRage 3.0.

Last year ArtRage was awarded first place at Microsoft’s global Tablet PC developer application contest, netting the Ambient team a cool $100,000.

Beardsley says the prize money helped fund development of 2.0.

“Running an office is expensive and we had to take on contracts to support the creation of 2.0. That made it tough to give 100% of our attention to the product.”

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