HP rewards loyalty with presales consultants

HP rewards loyalty with presales consultants

HP is extending a programme that funds presales consultants to work at its resellers, in a move to reward loyal channel partners.

The programme is already operating at six unnamed local resellers, but is now being expanded to HP’s wider channel.

The consultants will help partners win more HP business, says national sales manager Joanne Healey.

“We are funding people to work within our channel partners to drive new business or increase existing business in terms of overall HP solutions,” she says. “It is a good indication of our commitment to those partners who are investing in us.”

HP will select partners for the presales consultant programme based on their overall performance and commitment to the brand, says Healey.

The programme comes after HP CEO Mark Hurd told partners at a recent forum, attended by local resellers, their loyalty with the company will be rewarded.

“He is asking partners for loyalty, saying push HP first, add HP content and value to your solutions,” says Healey. “If a partner is giving us loyalty, they can expect loyalty in return. Partnerships are only as strong as the commitments we make to each other. It is a two-way street — we want to make sure we are travelling down the road together.”

The loyalty drive is about ensuring HP and its partners achieve their mutual goals for growth, profitability and customer satisfaction, says Healey.

“We want to make sure we deliver an outstanding total customer experience and are providing that as a differentiator, and then as a result, making sure we are increasing revenue and margin through upsell and attach,” she says. “Instead of just selling the notebook, consider what the customer’s needs are in terms of a total desktop solution, such as batteries, docking station, laptop bags and so on.”

HP is also rewarding resellers who invest strongly in the brand with a high level of training and education, says Healey.

The company is hosting a sales academy in Sydney next month for 20 key salespeople from selected local channel partners, while a technical version was held last November.

The sales academy takes place in March.

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