Mr Storage talks up service opportunity

Mr Storage talks up service opportunity

Disaster recovery company Storagecraft has over one million users worldwide, yet very few people have heard of it.

Until now it has chosen to OEM its intellectual property to the likes of Symantec, HP and EMC, but that’s about to change with the company’s first foray into the Asia-Pacific region — kicking off in New Zealand.

In charge of the Asia-Pacific operation is product evangelist Greg Wyman, commonly known as Mr Storage for his vast experience in the backup and recovery world, most recently running Symantec’s ANZ Ghost division.

Wyman firmly believes Storagecraft’s Shadow Protect solution set will revolutionise the industry.

“A system can go from 100% dead to 100% operational within ten minutes and I believe no one else in the world can deliver that. Everyone I’ve demonstrated the product to has bought a licence,” he says.

Wyman says Shadow Protect is at the forefront of continuous data protection technology by taking continuous snapshots of data and its changes. “It requires no installation on a target machine and there’s no downtime; with most other systems you have to get all the users off first.”

Which, he says, means managers can schedule incremental backups as often as needed — even every few minutes — and the images can be mounted as drive letters or folders through shared networks.

The advantage for channel partners, he says, is that they buy a technician’s licence and run it on a customer’s server to manage the snapshots, charging an annual fee for the service.

Soft Solutions has become Storagecraft’s first distribution partner in the region

Paul Leslie, business development manager, says Shadow Protect gives resellers the tool they’ve been crying out for.

“So far the uptake has been enormous. It means resellers can take it and run, by selling disaster recovery as a service rather than just a product,” he says.

Leslie and Wyman will take to the road later this month to spread the word to resellers and end-users around the country.

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