CA changes from inside out

CA changes from inside out

CA is still feeling the effects of its recent accounting scandals, but they are dissipating, chief executive officer John Swainson tells Reseller News.

“People have long memories, but it is going away. That was Computer Associates then, but this is CA now.”

The accounting scandal saw former CEO Sanjay Kumar and other senior executives indicted on fraud charges.

But Swainson, who took charge of the company in November 2004 after 26 years at IBM, says CA now has a great new management team, drawn from leading companies like IBM, Dell, HP and CA itself. CA is now very focused on the company’s core business of simplifying the management and security of IT environments.

Meanwhile Swainson says CA is in the midst of a major transformation that will take a number of years, as he works on changing the culture within the organisation.

“Culture is the hardest and longest thing to change in a company. It can’t be changed overnight,” he says. “It is something that people fundamentally believe in and is formed on what they see in the organisation.”

Swainson outlined CA’s vision of enterprise IT management to customers at a recent event in Auckland hosted by Reseller News sister publication CIO.

The focus of the new CA is to ensure users derive real value from IT, Swainson says. CA wants to make IT transparent to the business, with IT processes automated like business processes have been automated, he adds.

Many organisations are struggling with the issue of managing increasingly complex IT systems in a secure manner, Swainson says. IT systems are becoming more complex as organisations continuously add newer technology onto existing infrastructure.

“The result is that many of us have the history of the IT industry in our computer rooms,” he says.

CA aims to help users securely manage such increasingly varied environments.

“IT is changing faster now than anytime in the past 30 years, and it is not slowing down or becoming more homogenous,” says Swainson. “How do you manage and secure that? That is why CA is in business. We want to ensure organisations spend more money on doing business and less on managing it.”

The company is poised to lead the areas of systems and storage management and security management, which are the fastest growing segments of the infrastructure market, says Swainson.

“We understand what it is to manage IT efficiently and effectively. It is what CA has done from the start, it is in our DNA.”

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