Powerful P5 needs partner input

Powerful P5 needs partner input

According to one IBM executive, the company’s P5 server range is leading-edge technology but requires the expertise of strong partners to make it work.

Chris Farrow, System P5 business unit executive ANZ, says in the 25 years he’s been working in IT he has never seen customers so excited about a technology.

“P5 is great but we need partners to make it work in the context of the client. Good partners create a foundation relationship rather than flog a box,” he says.

Farrow believes the nexus of P5’s value is in IBM and partners working together.

He says P5 brings IBM’s history and experience of building big computers for big companies into a chip, making highly sophisticated technology available to all businesses rather than just enormous organisations.

He points out the industry tends to talk about P5 in the same context as other CPUs but says it’s much more than that.

“Admittedly P5 is CPU technology but it shrinks most of a computer system on a chip for a pretty low price.”

Farrow says it underpins what IBM is about as a brand — continuing to develop core innovative technologies that solve contemporary business problems.

And, he says, it’s about virtualisation.

“I think the buzz around virtualisation is deserved — it actually is hot. Organisations want to save money and build on scalable platforms without having to put large quantities of staff all over the thing.”

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