Firewall unwraps hot new ordering service

Firewall unwraps hot new ordering service

Resellers both sides of the Tasman have access to security distributor Firewall Systems’ newly unveiled FireStation online ordering portal.

Scott Frew, Firewall CEO, says the portal is up and running in New Zealand and supports local currency.

“A few resellers have already had a go, so if anyone else wants to log in and play they’re more than welcome,” he says.

As to when Firewall will open its New Zealand office, Frew says he is still busy ironing out the details but says interested resellers can access the company’s local website (

Frew says the custom-made, password protected site allows resellers to select products from all of its vendor partners, along with the required services and options.

The challenge was in devising a site which could list the complex services and support features required for individual product categories into a single quote, says Frew.

“In the past we have done quotes for every reseller sale to take into account things like consulting and services, for example,” Frew says. “With the online configurator, all of these services are linked to the items they go with. We have developed this portal to take the pain out of it.”

One of the site’s core features is a mandatory product function, which forces resellers to select from a list of associated accessories, services support and warranty terms for their chosen products.

In the past, resellers could forget to order all of the necessary pieces required for a product install and turn up to a customer’s site with an incomplete offering, says Frew.

“If there are five items within a sale, the portal will show the reseller all of those mandatory items,” he says. “The system forces you to get the customer quote right.”

The FireStation site immediately provides partners with their individual buy breaks and discounted pricing, Frew says. This information is tied to their login details. In cases where resellers are granted special discounts from a vendor, Firewall can update user information in real-time.

The distributor is now working on completing an additional annuity engine by next month. This will be followed by a reseller dashboard facility, displaying a reseller’s current credit limit and evaluation product status.

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