Give and take system works best for all

Give and take system works best for all

Working on behalf of its resellers is what Renaissance Brands does best, according to general manager Mark Dasent.

“Providing specialised and tailored marketing is the core of what we do. Of course there’s never enough money to do all the advertising and marketing everyone wants,” he says.

Instead, says Dasent, looking for mutually beneficial opportunities is the key.

For example, Renaissance has taken a stand at next month’s Small Business Expo to drum up demand for products such as Sonicwall.

“When I look at the list of stand holders alone I see a lot of potential customers. We’re also looking to partner with a tier-one reseller for the CEO Symposium in June, which is the same concept but at a much higher level.”

Dasent says Renaissance has to take the responsibility of bridging the gap between resellers and end-users and believes that requires more than just throwing ads together.

“Resellers need to have trust in Renaissance. A large part of our role is just facilitating to make things happen.”

And, he says, tailoring vendor marketing material to suit the local market is another strength Renaissance offers.

“There’s still a lot of scope to do something unique for New Zealand and still remain compliant with vendor needs.”

Kevin Swainson, brand manager internet security and networking, says he wants to see partners become more involved in marketing events.

He points to a recent Sonicwall promotion Renaissance ran where it took a reseller’s database and ran a direct marketing campaign.

“We’ve been very successful in finding real end-user demand opportunities. One of the campaigns had a response rate of more than 10% which is phenomenal,” he says.

Swainson says the recent work Renaissance and a partner have done with the Correspondence School highlights just how well such relationships work.

“Working in conjunction with the partner to identify an opportunity we managed to put a large number of brands in one site — it was a huge result.”

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