Computer Forensics covers new ground

Computer Forensics covers new ground

Auckland-based Computer Forensics is looking to grow its business across the ditch, with Australian customer numbers increasing.

Brian Eardley-Wilmot, managing director of the company, says more and more international customers want the services of Computer Forensics.

“Although we don’t have a physical presence in Australia we have set up a website and a 1800 number, and we get our business through those. With today’s communication and courier deliveries, the tyranny of distance is no more.”

Computer Forensics also does a lot of work in the South Pacific and South Africa, as well as having a European presence.

“One of the benefits of being in New Zealand is that the base cost can be less here. With our new customers we find we’re growing like anything, but it’s important to us to grow in the right way. We are very focused on doing our job well; data recovery is a very serious business and should not be attempted by amateurs,” says Eardley-Wilmot.

The company is not offering paralegal work to foreign customers, only data recovery.

“The forensic part of what we do accounts for around 20% of our business. A lot more companies are seeing what we can do these days partly because of television shows like CSI.”

Computer Forensics works in both civil and criminal law but the company has a policy to avoid criminal defence. Eardley-Wilmot says an overwhelming majority of the company’s paralegal work is based around employees stealing data.

“We also deal with fraud cases and employment issues. An alleged perpetrator will almost always attempt to delete data or erase traces, which we will then try to find. We have gone back as far as seven years to retrieve data,” he says.

“It is very rewarding work but it can sometimes be quite gut busting. If we can’t recover data it can have a major impact on a small business.”

Eardley-Wilmot says the company also deals with non-commercial clients, often for retrieval of lost photos or documents.

“If we deem that there is no commercial interest in the case, we can do recovery at a lower cost. We have recovered theses for students and photos that to a customer are priceless.”

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