Secure Computing warns of IP-based scams

Secure Computing warns of IP-based scams

Secure Computing warns of IP-based scams

Gateway security specialist Secure Computing is warning banking and credit card consumers to be wary of voice over IP-based phishing scams.

Secure Computing, which recently acquired messaging security company CipherTrust, has several large New Zealand customers.

Eric Sorensen, senior sales engineer with the company, says VoIP-based scams are a real threat and should be treated accordingly.

“Consumers need to be made aware of this new threat. A lot of businesses are currently moving to IP-based networks and telephony, and the ‘chatter’ we follow online suggests there are people out there looking to exploit this.”

VoIP security is a relatively new area, and several firms like Symantec and BorderWare are currently looking into the problem.

The need for mobile workers and remote access to systems is also an issue for Secure Computing. Recent changes in contingency plans from the government have highlighted the issue of remote secure access.

“A lot of businesses are looking to create a mobile workforce and need their access to be secure. We can help create that secure access using tokens,” says Sorenson.

Raewyn Powell, business development manager for MPA — the distributor for Secure Computing products in New Zealand — says there is also a possibility to save businesses money while outsourcing.

“Instead of having five people come into your office, having to set up new computers and workstations, you can give those individuals secure access from home, thereby saving the company money.”

Sorenson says this is not like the early days of IT, when security was more of an afterthought.

“We need to be on our toes constantly now. My former boss used to describe the internet as ‘the worst possible district in town’, and would you open up a business there without proper security?”

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