What’s clicking at

What’s clicking at

Depending on how you view these matters, New Zealand’s technology resellers are either truly dedicated professionals or a bunch of lonely losers without real lives. These are two possible conclusions one can draw from the knowledge the web site attracted 147 unique visitors on Christmas Day. Clearly a couple of you had suffered enough quality time with your families on the big day – by Boxing Day there were 149 unique visitors. You’re obviously not big on religious observance. Our web site traffic was considerably lower for the secular New Year’s Day holiday when a mere 107 of you dragged your collective selves away from barbecues and beaches to peek at our finely crafted HTML. Actually, it’s unlikely more than a fraction of these readers listed above were bona fide New Zealand resellers. First, we took a well-earned editorial break over the Christmas and New Year period and didn’t update our news pages for some 15 days. Second, we know roughly where the traffic is coming from and on the days in question more than half of it came from overseas. Third, we don’t really believe for one minute that you didn’t have better things to do during the holiday season. The simple reality is that our normal weekday traffic runs into the thousands – weekends are bit dead though. It’s reasonable to assume the 100-odd visits we got on the public holidays were what engineers call ‘noise’. # # # # # Since we got back to work, the Reseller News web site has turned in some record-breaking traffic numbers. The launch of Apple’s iPhone caused a flurry of online activity – but our really big audiences have come from the more analytical background stories rather than the launch itself. Five of the top ten stories for the first three weeks of January were iPhone-oriented and Apple’s newest gizmo took out the top four spots. We compile our top story list from our internal server log, it measures each time a page gets served. This works well for news – the feedback is almost instant. However, because our blogs ( are hosted on a separate server, we can’t realistically include these in the list because there’s a small mismatch between external and internal page counts. However, we do monitor blog visitor numbers – the two top-ranked blogs for the first three weeks of January both dealt with iPhone-related issues. Not surprisingly Jan Birkeland’s ‘Apple’s iPhone and why it will fail’ was a major hit, so was the self-penned ‘I’ve already got an iPhone’. Going by the external page counts both these stories could have made their way into our official top ten. Away from the iPhone, early January was dominated by product-related stories – mainly because of the big CES and MacWorld shows in the US. This was reflected in our web traffic where more than half the top-20 items were product release stories. Toshiba’s flagship HD DVD-R laptop made it into eighth place. Top Ten stories January 1 to January 23, 2007 1. The iPhone: What you need to know

2. Hands (and fingers) on the iPhone

3. Apple’s iPhone has iPod and Pim features

4. iPhone’s huge margins

5. Microsoft ANZ gets new MD

6. SCO on its last legs, bankruptcy looms

7. What to expect from Microsoft in 2007

8. Toshiba plans HD DVD-R for Vista launch

9. Shrinking devices key to WiMax vision

10. Investors dump handset stocks as iPhone debuts

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Channel kicks 2021 into gear as After Hours returns to Auckland

Channel kicks 2021 into gear as After Hours returns to Auckland

After Hours made a welcome return to the channel social calendar with a bumper crowd of partners, distributors and vendors descending on The Pantry at Park Hyatt in Auckland to kick-start 2021.

Channel kicks 2021 into gear as After Hours returns to Auckland
The Kiwi channel gathers for the 2020 Reseller News Women in ICT Awards

The Kiwi channel gathers for the 2020 Reseller News Women in ICT Awards

Hundreds of leaders from the New Zealand IT industry gathered at the Hilton in Auckland on 17 November to celebrate the finest female talent in the Kiwi channel and recognise the winners of the Reseller News Women in ICT Awards (WIICTA) 2020.

The Kiwi channel gathers for the 2020 Reseller News Women in ICT Awards
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