Plasmon's optical storage back in town

Plasmon's optical storage back in town

Data archiving company Plasmon has reintroduced its products to the New Zealand market through Albany-based Datastor.

Plasmon’s products were initially distributed by Wellington-based Strategic Technology Services. In 1999 it went into voluntary liquidation, owing in excess of $350,000 to creditors.

Gary Cullen, Datastor storage product manager, says Plasmon’s range of products nicely rounds up Datastor’s portfolio and that there is a market in New Zealand.

“With increased regulations around the world, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the need for permanent archiving becomes evident. UDO [Ultra Density Optical] is certified for most of the regulations. Tape is still the cheapest storage option, but with its limited life span [20 to 30 years] UDO works better [50-year lifespan].”

Aimed at government, universities and other vertical industries in need of long-term archiving, UDO comes in three formats, standard read/write, WORM [write once read many] and compliant WORM (shreddable WORM).

“With over a decade of experience in the business, Datastor was selected to represent Plasmon based on its strong reputation and depth of services throughout New Zealand,” says Mike Koclanes, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Plasmon.

“We are expanding our reach in New Zealand as part of our global strategy to reach new customers through localised presence and market expertise. The addition of Datastor will greatly benefit this effort.

“There has been some interest in the products straight away,” says Cullen. “There is a definite market here. UDO can go as low as 24 slots all the way up to 638 slots, making it a very versatile product. It will work very well for smaller businesses that need long-time storage and archiving.”

UDO discs can currently store 30GB of data, but Plasmon revealed UDOs with a 60GB capacity at Cebit this year. The se discs are expected here in June.

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