Typo websites abound on world wild web

Typo websites abound on world wild web

Intrigued by the apparent Datastor “typo-squatting” incident, Reseller News trawled the internet to find similar cases relating to other technology companies.

One of the most interesting local finds was, which redirects to, containing links to a range of websites in several categories. Ironically, one of these leads to the website for the Consumers’ Institute.

Apart from and the results did not dredge up many domains using obvious misspellings of well-known local technology brands – not even Renaissance, which is a prime candidate for typos.

However, using .com domains plenty of“typosquatting” candidates emerged.Ingram Micro could take exception to, although it contains mostly publishing related links and appears to be a typo for Ingram’s Magazine of Kansas City.

Although the Tech Pacific name is no longer in use, is parked free by and contains sponsored links to Air New Zealand,, and AA Life, among others. The page contains a box entitled “Related Searches” topped by a link named “Ingram Micro”, but when clicked it leads to another page on the same site.

Microsoft, of course, is not immune. Despite featuring an Apple Mac on its main page, features plenty of Microsoft-related links and is rife with pop-up ads, as is

HP has nabbed both and, but brings up an error message on French domain name provider

Plucky Dell ensured redirects to its own site.

Symantec has secured and, but missed out on, which is a website offering a range of security software, including McAfee and is also the home to the Norton Motorcycle Enthusiasts Tech Talk Forum.

But, the company does not own, which redirects to, a site that offers software and throws up plenty of pop-ups.

While belongs to Las Vegas-based Accurates Home Loans, and have nothing to do with Apple or iTunes but do offer music downloads.

McAfee owns, but not, which is not used by McCafé either. Incidentally is also not owned by fast-food giant, McDonalds, and belongs to Macdonald Pearce Perniskie Chartered Accountants in Gore, which is an MYOB reseller.

Google owns and, but goes nowhere, while contains several sponsored links for MP3 players, travel and six sigma training (Google that!). The company also missed out on the obvious typo where ironically a link to Google Adsense heads up the sponsored listings.

Other interesting instances of typo websites include:,,, (it is safe to try),,,,,,, and Most of these feature links to advertisers offering products or services related to the brands implied.

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