Analyst: Kutaragi pushing next Playstation

Analyst: Kutaragi pushing next Playstation

Although Ken Kutaragi recently announced his retirement from his executive positions at Sony Computer Entertainment as of June 19, numerous media sources have already come to the conclusion that his departure from the company may have been forcibly instigated by Sony management due to what many perceive as a lacklustre sales performance from the PlayStation 3.

However, in a recently published report, IDC analyst Billy Pidgeon has lambasted the media for prematurely arriving at that conclusion, which he calls "a facile, myopic perspective."

"IDC believes that Mr. Kutaragi's considerable talents are needed behind the scenes developing next generation technology rather running a business unit," he later writes. "Kaz Hirai is the best choice for executing the strategy and tactics to turn on PS3's afterburners."

Pidgeon later claims that the PS3, much like previous consoles from the PlayStation brand, is "ahead of the market", unlike its immediate competitors, the Xbox 360 and Wii. While Nintendo's and Microsoft's consoles have been optimized for "immediate market impact", Pidgeon doesn't believe that noticeable success for the PS3 will manifest until 2008. In essence, his belief is that the console is "a late bloomer".

However, he also believes that two of Sony's exclusive titles in particular, Lair and Heavenly Sword, may play a major role in jump-starting the console before then.


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