Delivery date delays for Symantec's all-in-one Hamlet

Delivery date delays for Symantec's all-in-one Hamlet

Symantec is slipping on its target release time for the next major upgrade of its security product for enterprises, code-named Hamlet, while it irons out final code wrinkles during beta testing.

In May 2006, Symantec CEO John Thompson said Hamlet would be released between January and March of this year. But the product is one of Symantec's biggest releases, incorporating technology from several of Symantec's acquisitions into one piece of code, so more testing is being done.

The company is deploying Hamlet internally as well as among a limited set of beta customers for testing, says Mathew Lodge, director of product marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

"The trials are very important to us, and we feel it's important that we get through those and ensure it is very solid," Lodge says.

Next month, Symantec will announce a public beta schedule, pricing, delivery dates and the product's name, Lodge says.

Symantec has woven in an ability to detect malicious programs based on what the software does on a computer. The technology came from Wholesecurity, which Symantec bought in 2005. Hamlet will still use the signature-based method, which relies on knowing the identity and characteristics of a bad program.

Symantec has also incorporated rootkit detection capabilities into Hamlet. Rootkits are malicious applications that install themselves in evasive ways to avoid malicious software scanners, Lodge says. That code came from Veritas Software.

Hamlet also includes traditional antivirus product features, such as a firewall, and a single management console for administrators.

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