Hotshots: Christine Partridge

Hotshots: Christine Partridge

After 18 months in a hectic marketing job at HP, Christine Partridge is contemplating the exciting future the job could present.

The 24-year-old product manager in the Personal Systems Group helps SME marketing manager Warwick Grey carry out promotional campaigns, and says working for a super-brand like HP has definite advantages.

“In that 18 months I’ve grown in my role and I’ve really been able to focus on what I want to do,” she says. “I want to stay with HP because there are so many opportunities to really grow.”

In fact, the company offers the prospect of spreading her wings offshore as well. “A lot of my girlfriends are travelling now with very limited careers behind them but I’ve been with HP for a while and I’d want to travel with the company rather than with a limited career path.”

Partridge joined HP after completing double degrees – a BA in psychology and a BCom in marketing – and then 10 months in FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) marketing.

She applied for her current position after been told of it by her father Garth Partridge, who worked in enterprise account management for Compaq and then HP.

“When the opportunity with HP came up, I just pounced on it,” Partridge says, adding she was not satisfied at her previous job.

During university studies at Otago, Partridge developed an interest in consumer psychology and buying behaviour. This now couples with her interest in IT, which comes from wanting to be in the midst of technology development.

Although her role isn’t officially centred around small and medium business, that’s the area she enjoys working in most.

“The product managers tell me what they want to market and Warwick and I go to market with it. Warwick is more high-level strategy and I execute the campaigns.”

Partridge says she and Grey get on well together, which makes them work effectively. “We have similar ideas and interests and want to drive the marketing with the customers’ point of view in mind.”

Day to day, Partridge’s job keeps her busy and that’s the way she likes it. She still manages to fit in shopping and cafe lunches with friends, but although she’s able to work flexible hours, she says she tends to start early and stay late.

“Some days I have four or five people wanting things from me, so it’s a matter of juggling my time between them and Warwick. Sometimes it’s full on with events. Most of the time it’s full on but that’s good because I love being busy and I get bored if I’m not.”

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