Bakery owner swaps bread for bytes

Bakery owner swaps bread for bytes

Christchurch-based software company Systems, Software & Instrumentation (SSI) has appointed former bakery owner Dennis Davidson as a local distributor for its GlobalBake software product.

“I put GlobalBake into our business and was so impressed I’ve decided to sell it to others. I am passionate about the benefits it can bring to a business,” says Davidson.

In 2003 he purchased GlobalBake for the 75-year-old family business, Northern Bakeries. The business was sold to bakery giant Goodman Fielder in 2006.

“We implemented GlobalBake three years before the sale and it had a real effect on our business. I saw the potential for other companies. GlobalBake will help bakeries in static or growth phases, without increasing their overhead because it helps introduce significant efficiencies,” he says.

“I had been in the family business for 20 years and was semi-retired, but not ready to give up working. SSI joked that I should be selling GlobalBake full time so I figured ‘why not’?”

Davidson says he is not a trained baker and actually began his career as a pilot.

“That shows you how people career-jump these days.”

He says GlobalBake compared well to the big international software products Northern Bakeries also evaluated, but was less costly and simpler to implement.

“That makes it a very attractive proposition to the kind of companies we are selling the product to. I’ve just been to Auckland presenting the software to the Bakery Association of New Zealand, but this product has a wide number of applications and can also suit FMCG [fast moving consumer goods] businesses.

Davidson formed a company called Successful Business Solutions (SBS) to market GlobalBake throughout New Zealand. He is based in Cambridge and will initially be servicing the North Island.

“It’s early days yet, but the feedback from business users of the software has been positive.”

SSI’s sales and marketing manager Kerry Glynn says the company is delighted to appoint SBS to be a distributor of GlobalBake.

“We are experiencing strong international growth, so we needed a good distributor to ensure we were looking after local businesses well.”

SSI, which developed the GlobalBake software system 20 years ago, has meanwhile appointed Innovative Bakery Solutions as a North American distributor. Glynn says he wants to add 10 or 20 American customers to the 10 it already has in the US during the next year. The company was also hoping to sign up another five distributors throughout the US to pick up some of the potential 15,000 customers.

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