NetApp champions disk storage

NetApp champions disk storage

Transferring from tape to a disk data storage system may become an attractive option with the local launch of the entry-level NetApp FAS2000 line.

According to IDC forecasts, the midsize enterprise external disk storage systems market will grow to US$6 billion (NZ$7.8 million) in 2011, a compound annual growth rate of 10.9 percent.

While demands on the midsized enterprises to increase storage capacity are tremendous, the typical enterprise faces a cost dilemma in managing and protecting data, says NetApp district manager Scott Morris.

“IT budgets are getting pressured and fundamentally companies want more storage for less money. You really have to match cost directly to the tiers of storage.”

Senior vice president and general manager, Rich Clifton, says the company is putting a significant focus on midsized enterprises.

“Midsized enterprises want to solve application problems with the NetApp system that fall into very specific areas.”

He says these include running Oracle databases, SAP systems and the Microsoft suite of applications.

“This mid-market is also picking up on virtulisation as a way of saving money and running a significantly smaller number of servers.”

Clifton says midsized businesses have problems that are just as critical as those of a large company.

“We’re trying to make it dramatically easier to use storage and drive the up-time so that mission critical environments can be operated with short backup windows.”

He says NetApp aims to cut the number of storage systems managed by 10 to one and cut the nightly backup window by 90 percent or more.

“These are pretty bold numbers, but we believe these entry level systems can solve a broad number of problems.”

Clifton says disks have a set of characteristics companies can apply to completely change the amount of space required to solve any problem.

“These technologies allow us to replace tape infrastructures with devices which give much better recoveries and a cost per gigabyte that’s dramatically lower than what you find with tape.”

Infinity Solutions infrastructure technology division manager Justin Shattky says a number of local companies are gradually moving to disk.

“It’s all about how fast they can get their applications back on line. Just because these people are small organsiations doesn’t mean their applications are any less important than any large enterprise.

“In fact, we help companies such as Turners and Growers who is using that [storage] technology to help compete in the international marketplace,” Shattky says.

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