Laser to sue Verbatim over dodgy-disk allegations

Laser to sue Verbatim over dodgy-disk allegations

Laser Australia is taking legal action against Verbatim Australia over claims that 16X DVDs, which use MID (manufacturer identification) codes of Verbatim or its related companies, were not from approved production factories.

In a statement, Verbatim claims disk identification showed Laser-branded 16X DVDs were not from production facilities approved by Verbatim or its related companies. As such, they may be of different quality or performance as disks from production facilities approved by the company, it says.

The Verbatim statement also suggests Laser’s supply of the DVDs in Australia may infringe copyright.

However, Laser’s Sydney-based managing director Chris Lau says the company refutes everything in the Verbatim statement.

“We operate our own factory in China that is endorsed by Philips and there has been no problem with the MID codes. When we can’t keep up with production, then we obtain DVDs from a CMC Magnetics factory in Taiwan. We have no reason to believe the DVDs are faulty. The MID codes are used by other companies as well.”

Lau says Laser is poised to take significant market share from Verbatim in Australia and the allegations in the statement are simply a case of sour grapes.

“We are seeking legal damages and absolutely stand by our products,” he says.

Lau adds Laser talked to its industry partners about the statement.

“They felt it was a non-issue as they hadn’t had any problems with the DVDs.”

Lau says Laser took Verbatim to court about a year ago over a similar issue and won.

Whether any of the discs Verbatim mentions in its statement have made their way to New Zealand remains unclear.

Verbatim marketing coordinator Vanessa Taylor says the company could only comment conclusively on the Australian market, as it has done substantial testing on Laser product purchased there.

“With regards to New Zealand, we have not tested any Laser media from this market; however we plan to do so soon. On this issue, one can safely conclude that unless Laser has sourced these DVDs from another factory, then it is highly likely the same issue will exist in New Zealand, as it does in Australia.”

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