Salesforce launches data-sharing technology

Salesforce launches data-sharing technology

Mashups and web services in the enterprise are old news. But IT has paid little more than lip service to web services that span business processes across the extraprise.

However, with Wednesday’s announcement of Salesforce to Salesforce from, which claims any company using its platform can integrate and share data, may change all that.

While Salesforce to Salesforce is primarily targeted at sharing data like contacts and lead opportunities, according to Kendal Collins, senior vice president of marketing, there is nothing to prevent one company from mapping and sending data to fields and records on another company’s site. These updates in turn could trigger an event or business process at the other company’s site.

"You can effectively map any data between two organizations and trigger behavior on both sides of that mapping," said Collins.

Partnering companies could in fact create a loop where company A updates data, which goes to company B, which kicks off a process or update, which is then returned to company A to either close a process or initiate a new process, according to Collins.

These kinds of capabilities are possible due to the multi-tenant architecture used by Salesforce and the platform implemented by users.

Salesforce to Salesforce is available now.

Enterprise and Unlimited edition users can share data using Salesforce to Salesforce for a fee of US$1200 per year, per connection.

Salesforce also announced on Wednesday that it now has one million subscribers in honor of which it will donate $1 million across 10 nonprofit organisations.

The nonprofits include educational institutions and microfinance.

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