Another final frontier (on DVD)

Another final frontier (on DVD)

My wife knows what I like. I’ll admit to dabbling a bit on the fantasy front and even enjoy going western from time to time. However, when it comes to movies, I’m really a sci-fi fan. Actually, I’m a huge fan. Preferably stuff out in space and whizzing between the stars, but I’ll take whatever I can get in the genre.

That’s why on Christmas morning I got all excited over a box set of 10 sci-fi films she had managed to track down for me – yep, five disks with two films on each. What’s more, I didn’t know any of them. Here were 10 movies that had slipped through the cracks of my dedicated watching over the years.`

The names sounded spot on, too – Virus, B.E.I.N.G., Prototype, Antibody, Def Con 4 and so on.

I couldn’t wait… but I had to. Bugger! I couldn’t watch them. You see, no DVD at the bach. Arghhhhhh. For sci-fi, read my very own horror movie.

Can you imagine? Ten new movies. A whole box set sitting there, calling to me and all I could do was read the blurb on the box cover, over and over and over again. I didn’t resort to holding them up to the light… but I came mighty close.

I did enjoy the holiday (a few days in the Coromandel is always a pleasure) but I also enjoyed getting back home. At the earliest opportunity, I settled down to have a watch. I had my bowl of chips and bottle of pop at the ready. Def Con 4 was my first choice. I had considered my options carefully. Read all the covers. Ruminated over the plots. This was the one. It looked just the ticket from the outside, anyway. Post-nuclear holocaust, satellite in space, astronauts. There was even a space suit on the cover, half-buried with a view of the Earth in the background. Perfect.

I took out the disk, popped it in the DVD player’s tray, pushed it in and waited. Guess what? Up came Sci-Fighters. Huh? Sci-what? Turns out this was the other movie on the disk. Sounded okay but what about the one I wanted? What about Def Con 4? I ejected and put it back in. Still only one film. What the …! And again. Nope. Nada. Zip.

“Have you tried turning it over,” my wife suggested.

“Yeah, right. Disks only have one side,” I said, or words to that effect, and far too condescendingly for my own good.


Anyhow after several goes I was ready to try anything.

Two-sided? No, couldn’t be … could it?

I flipped it over and hey presto, Def Con 4 in all its glory.

Two-sided DVDs? Who’d have thought? Is it just me or is that news to anyone else?

As for the films themselves, well, they had their moments but let’s just say there’s a reason why the Turner Classic Movie channel (TCM) on Sky ain’t going to be running them any time soon. Sadly, ‘classics’ they are not …

[Ed’s note: Sorry Greg, but double-sided DVDs are old news – I remember watching the two-sided El Mariachi/Desperado combo DVD back in 2002…]

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