Six month check-ups on Orb-Oki phone deal

Six month check-ups on Orb-Oki phone deal

Mark Charlesworth, managing director of Oki’s local distributor Comworth Systems, says the review is intended to measure Orb Communications’ performance in selling and promoting the Oki keyphones to small businesses.

“It simply means Orb has to show its commitment and the deal gives us the choice to potentially look for another partner.”

The Oki IP keyphone offers four-party video conferencing, mobile twinning which sends calls to both the desk and mobile phone, remote access and wi-fi connection.

Charlesworth says Comworth Systems wants to re-establish the Oki brand in the telecommunications market. “Oki was the first company to launch a mobile phone in New Zealand during the 1980s and we were a serious player throughout the 1990s.”

Oki moved away from the local phone market eight years ago.

“Comworth Systems concentrated on Oki printing solutions, so we needed a sizeable partner to get back into what is a competitive market.”

Orb Communications is an ideal partner as it has 42 stores, says Charlesworth.

“There are opportunities for Orb to sell IP phone and printer packages as well, because these are essential business tools.”

Orb Communications chief executive Richard Briggs says the telecommunications market has evolved, with customers now demanding more than just access to mobile products. “We’ve been looking for a partner to get us into the small business sector for some time. We also want to ensure that people get solutions and products that can help their business grow.”

Briggs says because Orb is a cooperative it can empathise with small businesses.

“We have the same frustrations with communications they do. We’ve reached an agreement with Telecom, where we can market the solution as an IP service on a Telecom account.”

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