Apple rolls out 2.0.2 update for Apple TV

Apple rolls out 2.0.2 update for Apple TV

Apple released Apple TV Software 2.0.2 Monday, an update that, from all appearances, brings a single new features and a collection of unenumerated bug-fixes to Apple's set-top box. As with the previous 2.0.1 update, this update was released with little fanfare.

The single noticeable change wrought by the 2.0.2 update is a Favorites entry within a Flickr contact. Previously, users could view a contact's publicly available photo-streams; the update allows users to also view that person's favorite photos.

Possible evidence of bug-fixes are found in the Apple TV's response time. With version 2.0 and 2.0.1 of the software, the Apple TV could bog down while loading movie poster images or pulling together lists of movies, TV shows, and music from shared computers. The device seems generally more responsive in these regards.

Those with Apple TVs can download and install the update by choosing Update Software from the General screen within the Settings entry. Over a 3Mbps DSL broadband connection it took a Macworld-owned Apple TV about 10 minutes to download the update. Installation (which, as before, can be performed at a time of the user's choosing) took another three or four minutes.

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