Green printing credentials promoted by HP

Green printing credentials promoted by HP

Toner that melts at a lower temperature, advocating lower paper usage and using LEDs instead of fluorescent tubes on scanners are some of the treasures HP claims to have in its green credentials chest.

At an Asia Pacific media event in Shanghai, China, last month, HP unveiled a number of initiatives it says make it a greener printing provider.

In addition to the staple environmental programmes of many hardware makers such as recycling and reducing the power consumption of products, HP is placing particular focus on helping customers use and waste less paper.

But encouraging users to print less does not go against the grain for a printing company, says Chris Morgan, senior vice president of HP’s Imaging and Printing Group in Asia Pacific and Japan. “Our focus is not to get customers to print more, but for them to get more out of their printing. That is a much better long-term business strategy.”

However, the paperless office is still not within reach even though it’s been talked about for a long time, says Morgan. “The percentage of data put onto paper has definitely reduced, but the reason we are not seeing the paperless office is that the total amount of information is increasing. There is still a big preference for paper.”

Nevertheless, HP wants to help customers remove paper from the office, says Bruce Dahlgren, Global Enterprise Business senior vice president of HP’s Imaging and Printing Group.

One way that HP hopes to encourage less paper usage is through its Print 2.0 printing strategy, which aims to help customers more efficiently manage their overall printing, says Dahlgren.

A core part of the Print 2.0 strategy is to reduce the number of individual printers in an organisation in favour of a pool printing environment, where users share a single multi-function device.

This not only saves on power consumption, but also reduces paper wastage as users can be made to log onto the shared printer to retrieve their printing jobs, says Dahlgren.

“People often never pick up what they have printed. With pool printing it will only print when the person goes to the machine.”

Another major focus for the company is on duplex – or doubled-sided printing.

“Duplex printing can save 700 tonnes of paper a year for the average Fortune 500 company,” says Dahlgren.

Meanwhile HP has released scanners that use LED lights instead of fluorescent tubes. According to HP the LEDs require no warm-up time, use less power and have a longer lifespan.

A new enhanced toner for laser printers melts at a lower temperature, which the company says enables the printer to use 10 to 15 percent less energy per page.

The toner can be used in HP’s new LaserJet P4015, P4014 and P4515 printers.

Most of HP’s printing products now feature its instant-on technology, which the company says saves power as printers can remain in stand-by mode when idle, but turn on instantly when being printed to.

IT managers can control power settings for printing devices on the network through HP’s Web Jetadmin management tool, says Dahlgren.

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