Reseller News video: The fast and the furious

Reseller News video: The fast and the furious

Arriving a few minutes late at Pro Motion Racing in Newmarket, Auckland, I missed the crucial instruction briefing.

The editorial teams from both Reseller News and PC World were invited to challenge each other in Pro Motion’s racing simulators, but by the time I got there after being held up in a meeting, everyone was already racing.

So when I was hurriedly strapped into a racing car-type seat behind a steering wheel with three 32-inch high-def LCD panels curved in front of me, I was not quite prepared for the experience to come.

As I pulled away from the starting line with a loud rumble emanating from the 7.1 surround sound system, my seat started shuddering and rocking as if I was in a real car thundering along Mount Panorama at Bathurst.

It is this sensation that makes the Pro Motion racing simulator the most realistic I have experienced.

While the sights and sounds of a race can be emulated with relative ease in a game, the powerful three point actuators that control the seat movements in the Pro Motion simulator bring the race to life.

You really do feel each bump, turn and collision, as Pro Motion claims on its website – so much so that the seats come complete with a full five-point racing harness.

And, did we feel every collision, especially on the specially rendered downtown Auckland track, which follows the exact route the V8s would have if the race had come to the city.

Here the familiarity of the scenery both boosts the experience and lulls you into false sense of security. Hooning up Hobson Street is a gas – until you hit the sharp turn into Victoria Street.

Pro Motion is run by former All Black Blair Larsen as a venue for teambuilding and corporate events. He reckons the innovative racing simulators are sure to strike a chord with those in tech industry.

It’s hard to argue – I can’t imagine a geek or geekette who won’t get revved up by this fast and furious activity.

Check out the video above to see the thrills and spills of the Reseller News and PC World editorial teams’ visit to Pro Motion.

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