VMware tool aims to help developers

VMware tool aims to help developers

VMware wants to make it easier for IT departments to manage the virtual machine configurations that they use for testing or developing software, and has released an upgraded Lab Manager tool.

Testing enterprise applications is becoming increasingly complex. With the adoption of service-oriented architectures and Web 2.0 techniques, the interactions of multiple servers must be taken into account, making it important that quality assurance be able to deploy realistic test set-ups easily and repeatably.

VMware's Lab Manager allows software developers and testers to choose a virtual machine set-up from a library of previously stored configurations and deploy it to a server pool, while IT staff retain control of who does what. The configurations can include multiple virtual machines.

Version 3 of Lab Manager adds more capabilities for defining the networks linking virtual machines, including multiple subnets and multiple network cards per virtual machine.

On the management side, it adds support for role-based access, allowing IT departments to define different user roles and customise the rights associated with them, the company said Monday.

It will also integrate with OpenLDAP servers, where the previous version, 2.5, integrated only with Microsoft's Active Directory. Lab Manager 3 also adds the ability to create groups of users, called organisations, which can be mapped to groups in OpenLDAP.

With virtualisation software increasingly seen as a commodity, companies like VMware have had to concentrate on virtualisation management tools to make money. In July, VMware began giving away its ESXi hypervisor, the software layer that allows multiple operating system images to coexist on a single physical machine. The move was a response to Microsoft's release of a free version of its hypervisor, Hyper-V, at the end of June.

VMware Lab Manager 3 now integrates with VMware Infrastructure 3, the company's flagship management platform released early last year, offering users access to the high-availability features in VMware HA and load-balancing functions in VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler.

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