Quick Poll: Bill and Jerry... funny?

Quick Poll: Bill and Jerry... funny?

Microsoft’s US television commercials, spreading worldwide too through the internet, seem to be polarising the IT industry as much as the Windows vs Mac debate itself.

Some have branded them completely not funny, some see it as a fresh new approach and others are waiting to see how the series pans out.

If you’ve watched the adverts, let us know what you think about Microsoft’s new promotional tack, by voting at, and you could be in to win a copy of eScan Security Suite worth $110 from Computer Solutionsnz.

In our last poll, we investigated readers’ response to Google’s recently-released Chrome browser and it seems most are waiting for Internet Explorer 8 as their preferred option.

The second most popular browser was Firefox, followed by 18 percent of voters who had used Chrome and loved it already.

Rounding out the voters were 11 percent who were waiting for bugs to be ironed out of Chrome, and the same proportion who didn’t want to switch browsers.

Interestingly within two days of Chrome's release, an analysis of weblogs for revealed that 1.86 percent of visitors were browsing the site using Chrome.

What the voters said:

“IE7 works just fine for me and does everything I want it to do. If it ain't broke don't fix it!” – David Harris

“Quite a few bugs yet for me to use [Chrome] constantly.” – Peter Lowish

"Why bother when I can run Firefox off my thumb drive. Selling my complete browsing information for nothing seems too cheap.” – Scott Walters

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