Miley lays out vision for Ingram Australia

Miley lays out vision for Ingram Australia

Incoming Ingram Micro managing director, Jay Miley, has placed an emphasis on relationship building and helping resellers grow as early priorities in his new role.

Speaking to ARN, Miley said he was in the process of meeting Ingram Australia staff and would visit partners over the next two months as his transition into the position vacated by Guy Freeland in October gathers pace.

“I’m looking forward to talk to the customer base, the resellers. I operate from the premise that we are here to help them grow and so I want to hear what support they need from a partner like Ingram to help them,” Miley said. “I want to know what we are doing well, but more importantly I want to know what we are not doing well because those are the areas I can help address.”

In outlining his approach to the business, Miley highlighted the importance he placed on the vendor community.

“I fundamentally believe that we have two customer sets. Our resellers are the ones that are buying things from us and we are collecting our receivables with them. But just as important a constituency is the vendor community,” he said. “I operate from the perspective that in a distribution business there aren’t that many barriers to entry other than access to capital.

“It is a relationship business and if we aren’t doing a good job listening to our vendor partners and our customer partners we won’t be successful. In a nutshell that is what I am looking to bring to the organisation; a fresh set of thinking. I am not biased by any of the legacy; I come to this market with no real perceptions of what it takes to be successful in Australia. But I have been in this business for quite a while and have spent a lot of time with vendors and customers in my career and I am hoping to work with the leadership team here to make a difference.”

Miley will oversee the Australian and New Zealand markets and indicated he would continue to operate them as separate organisations.

“I believe there is a good reason for that; the people in the trenches, in the local market, know that market and the customer best. I don’t anticipate many radical changes on that front,” he said.

“I do believe some of the things that work in Australia would work in New Zealand, from a strategy perspective, and vice versa. Given I will have oversight of both of the markets, in the spirit of removing obstacles if obstacles exist, then the buck stops with me and I will make sure they are removed. Short term I am going to try and learn a lot about this market.”

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